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  • Post published:September 15, 2022

Festive season is going and following a diet to manage weight becomes tricky. This situation brings so many questions: how to manage cravings, which diet will sustain, and will our body’s nutrition requirements be fulfilled?

Conducted a webinar session on decode nutrition with MGB team in office. InsureMyTeam (YC W22) on Wednesday, 07th September 2022.

The event covered the following: 
• Everything about Nutrition & their daily requirements
• Food sources of different nutrients
• Benefits of Probiotics and how to incorporate them in your meals
• Everything about Omega 3 including its sources
• Managing BP, Diabetes and Cholesterol via food habits
• Importance of water
• Easy exercises for healthy lifestyle
• Why do we have food cravings and how to manage them?
• Festival binge and how to control it?