We do things differently.

At MGB, CSR is an integral part of our existence. We believe we are responsible to provide equitable and sustainable support to lesser privileged as well as take measures to safeguard our environment.
We conduct our CSR in three areas – 

  •    Community Service
  •    Employee Engagement
  •    Environment Sustainability 
To execute social welfare for the communities as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have set up our own foundation – CHANDRAMOHAN FOUNDATION - through which we carry out regular projects and activities for the lesser privileged sections of the society. Till date we have carried out various projects in education, health and environment, impacting more than 10,000 lives www.chandramohanfoundation.org
Employees are driving force for any organisation. We encourage our employees by creating avenues wherein they voluntarily devote their time, skills and knowledge to benefit the lesser priviledged communities. Our employees volunteer for most of the projects under Foundation.
As a measure towards environment sustainability, we ensure and take measures to minimize carbon footprint. We have introduced various energy saving solutions across our offices at four cities. We encourage our people to reduce their individual carbon footprint by facilitating the electronic cell phones and videoconferencing. We have enforced paper recycling schemes, IT asset disposal process and monitor energy consumption levels across our all offices.