Our Assurance and Business Consulting practice strives to offer highly effective and result-oriented solutions, which are aimed to enable our clients’ businesses to navigate the challenges emanating from increased demand for transparency in financial reporting.

The identification of matters impacting the financial statements and evaluation of the risk indicators forms an integral component of our assurance strategy. We provide high quality services to our clients both in the local and global markets. while enabling them comply with requisite requirements in the robust environment of regulations. Our Assurance and Business Consulting services include.

A. Certifications

  • Ensuring financial statements including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account as well as Cash Flow Statement provide a true & fair view as well as are also free from any material mis- statements

B. Accounting Support Function

  • Setting up accounting system of an organization
  • Assisting and advising in financial reporting and discussing accounting issues
  • Integrating accounting systems with the new possibilities offered by information systems
  • Accounting manuals